Scaffold Tower Hire

Scaffold Tower Hire

Scaffold tower hire can become a necessity at some point for many people. Whether it is for a project at a flat or a need for a business, scaffolding can make such a task safe while ensuring that it is easy to reach height. There are a few things to keep in mind, however, when considering a scaffold tower hire.

• Carefully measure the height of the task. This can be tricky because the height of the platform is not the same as the working height of the scaffold tower hire.

• Typically, the working height is the tallest platform height plus the height of an average person's reach. Working height is usually between four and six feet higher than platform height.

• It is imperative to understand if the company that you are getting quotes from about scaffold tower hire is referring to the platform height or to the working height.

• Always check the fittings of the scaffold tower before each use. No matter how busy a day might be, it is important to put safety first and ensure that all fittings are still in place and tight. Failure to do so can result in serious injury or even death if the scaffold tower hire should come loose while someone is on it.

• Standing on the top level of the scaffold tower should not be allowed unless a guard rail that is in good repair is in place.

• Ensure that the scaffold tower hire includes stabilisers. If no stabilisers are included, it is important for safety reasons to tie the scaffold tower to the side of the building with scaffold eyebolts.

• Using guttering or windows for tying scaffold towers is a dangerous alternative to using scaffold eyebolts. Guttering can pull away from the side of the building, and windows can be rotten even if they appear to be solid.

• If stabilisers are not able to be used, opt for a square scaffold tower over an oblong scaffold hire. Square scaffold towers usually offer more choices for variations in platform height, as well as platform position. This shape of scaffold tower hire also tends to sway less, and the square scaffold tower is usually easier to put together.

• Reading and fully understanding the instructions provided by the scaffold tower manufacturer will help to ensure compliance with all safety instructions and recommendations.

• The manufacturer's instructions should be given to the person at the time of the scaffold tower hire. If the instructions are not available, the scaffold tower should not be used. Some manufacturers provide instruction manuals online so an internet search using the name of the manufacturer and the words "scaffold tower" is likely to provide the needed instruction

• If there is a misunderstanding when reading the manufacturer's instructions, refer to the scaffold tower hire company for guidance and tips as well.

Hiring a scaffold tower needn't be a daunting task. Indeed, by following a few, simple tips, it is possible to have a safe and efficient experience when engaging a scaffold tower hire

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